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Quad Cinema Screening October 12-18, 2012

July 31, 2013

This new documentary focuses on the moving, unforgettable stories of Nagasaki and Fukushima survivors. Their stories are interlaced with expert commentary illuminating the largely unknown connection between nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants.

Prime focus is on Sakue Shimohira, age 10 and hiding in a shelter when the Nagasaki bomb dropped.  At the age of 77, she continues to dedicate her life to the abolition of all nuclear weapons. We see her talking with students in New York and London and with a Holocaust survivor in Paris.

Experts discuss the justification for using the atomic bomb, the consequences of post-war US policy that opened the nuclear age, proliferation, and the growing global movement to end nuclear weapons and nuclear power. Archival footage, some of it shocking and disturbing, puts their comments in riveting context.

The documentary raises profound questions about war, the courage to survive and the importance of taking positive actions to prevent future nuclear disasters.

THE ULTIMATE WISH:  Ending the Nuclear Age  was directed by Robert Richter, three-time Oscar nominee for documentary shorts, and produced by him and Dr. Kathleen Sullivan, an anti-nuclear activist and disarmament educator.

To view a short sample:

password:  Nagasaki

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